Vision and Values

Our Minnesota future is being created right now, by all of us, everyday. Our future will be shaped by what we do together. How we care for each other and the planet will determine everything.

We have made and remade Minnesota before, creating a state that’s both promising and divided.  We can look at ourselves and our past without fear, knowing we can shape a future where our differences are a source of strength and the future belongs to all of us.

We can imagine a future worth fighting for in Minnesota.

We can imagine a future where our problems are not ours alone to solve.

We can imagine a future where everyone is in and nobody is out.

We can imagine a democracy that is not only inclusive and active, but reflective of all of us.

An economy where every family has what they need, and what they deserve: a chance to live a full and healthy life.

A natural environment that sustains us, physically and spiritually, where we are really part of the place we love.

A culture that’s respectful, but honest, where we invest in each other rather than divide each other up.

We can imagine a state where we are more alive through our connection and we are more whole through our compassion.

In this vision of our future: we are all worthy, all of us belong, the only way forward is together.